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The Big Event The Dead Raid


Guild has to unlock the Guild Site and reach 50 members. Players who join the Guild after the event starts can't participate in the event.

How to Play:

All Guild members can enter the new Battlefield to defend their Guild Site from the zombie invasion.

Game Site.png

There are some buildings and resource spots in the Battlefield that players can capture to get boosts for troops and collect resources to maintain the captured buildings.

The event ends when the Guild Site has been successfully defended for 1 hour or when the Guild Site's HP is down to 0.


1. Ready Phase

During the Ready Phase, players can obtain points by collecting, killing Bosses and Walkers and upgrading boosts for their Troops, which will be active in subsequent battles.

SL 丧尸入侵 准备界面.jpg

2. Deployment Phase

When the Ready Phase is complete, the Guild officers can start the battle. All Guild members are required to deploy troops in the Battlefield within 15 minutes.

The players who have not yet entered the battlefield will not be able to participate in the event.

Players can settle their Bases at will in the Battlefield. The bases will automatically activate Truce until the end of the event. Once players have left the Battlefield, they can't return.

3. Combat Phase

The Zombies will attack the Guild Site in waves. Players must send Troops to protect the site and kill the zombies to obtain points.

If players capture other buildings on the Battlefield, they will become the zombies target.

Aurora Ore is a common resource in the Battlefield. Players can use troops to gather Aurora Ores to repair their buildings.

Bums are groups of zombies that cover the entire Battlefield, players can hunt them down for rewards.

The Field Hospital is a building where the wounded will heal faster.

Each player can send up to 3 Travel Troops to attack/gather/defend.

The Guild Site is the main defense spot where players must deploy troops to garrison. If the Guild Site's HP reaches 0, the event will end.

SL 丧尸入侵 建筑物 公会据点.jpg

The battlefield has some Abandoned Buildings, like Memorials, Forts, Hospitals and Factories. Capture these buildings and maintain them to get boosts.

SL 丧尸入侵 建筑物 烈士遗迹.jpg

The event ends when the Guild Site has been successfully defended for 1 hour or when the Guild Site's HP is 0.

4. Awarding Phase

Rewards will be sent at the end of the event.