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Survivor Legacy strategy collection

Survivor Legacy strategy collection is coming!

Share your game strategy! (✪ω✪)

The strategies you use in the game to make the most of it are very important! And we have prepared a lot of rewards for those willing to share them.

Follow the rules and meet the requirements to have a chance to receive a reward. Also, your strategy will be published on the official website and Facebook page!

(we will announce the winners every week or every 2 weeks)

[How to join]

Post your favorite strategy to become stronger in the game on your social media (all platforms allowed), then post the link in the comments below telling us your character ID.

[Rewards] You will receive rewards based on how good your strategy is explained:

1. Good: With images to explain! 

2. Excellent: Other player’s comment on it, finding it useful. 

3. Innovative: A creative and innovative way to do things. 


1. Content must be original, you can’t copy it from other players.

2. It must have images to explain your strategy better or to illustrate how to do it.

3. At least one player should comment on your strategy.

more details -->https://www.facebook.com/events/215014876457107/