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Survivor Legacy new update Preview 6/7!

Zombie killers, check out the following exciting contents that we are bringing you in the next update!

- Adjusted the unlock and upgrade requirements for Lv.4 and Lv.5 Units.

- Added Zombie Chaser event.

- Added a shop for the event - The Dead Raid.

- Added new Titles, Frames and Speech Bubble styles.

- Added chat @ mention feature, and discussion group feature.

- World Boss Multi-Hunt Bonus damage increased by 10%, stacking, for each subsequent hunt.

- Optimized Elite Challenge.

- Optimized the behaviour of Zombie Horde and Summon Reports are now removed. Unused Summon Reports can be exchanged for Water.

- Optimized Scout Report, now displayed with Plunderable Resources Statistics.

- Optimized Market and Transport features.

-Survivor Legacy Team