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Survivor Legacy Maintenance 09/22

To avoid possible errors and glitches, it is recommended to clear your cookies and restart the browser when the maintenance has completed.

If the issue or error still occurs, please contact us by clicking [ SUPPORT ] on the top-left or top-right of the game screen.

New contents:

- New feature - Badge. Badge Chest is available at "Disconut Shop - Mysterious";

- Added Super Pass;

- Now players are free to enjoy the VIP feature. Some of the previous VIP Privileges are now avaialble in Super Pass. The players with valid VIP status after the update will get 80 Rubies as compenstion;

- "The Bulldog: El'Bullo" in the Beginner Pack is now adjusted to "The Pague: Petrez";

- Adjusted Combat Arena rewards;

- Adjusted rules of General Challenge and Elite Challenge;

- Adjused the Power of some Buildings.

-Survivor Legacy Team