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Survivor Legacy Background Story

In the near future, you accepted a space mission called ''Pioneer’, to find another home suitable for human habitation. but halfway through the mission, you received an emergency distress signal from the earth, and you found that the virus had leaked, the earth fell, and zombies swarmed. For this hometown, you resolutely decided to return to earth and rebuild human civilization.

Yates, the biggest business empire in the world, discovered that using the X-virus they could split cells indefinitely. If with further study they could control the cell splitting speed, human life could be extended indefinitely. They had the secret to immortality in their hands, so after plant and human testing hey quickly jumped to experimenting with humans. But human life is unpredictable and when Subject Number 2 escaped, he attacked everyone in the lab. There were no survivors.

The X-virus attracted the attention of many organizations worldwide, being the Wild Wolf mercenaries one of them. One of these mercenaries infiltrated the base and released Subject Number 2 to use as a distraction as he stoles the X-virus samples and data.